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Over 1000 flavor combination, 25+ vitamins, minerals, and supplements, plus 10 packaging choices.

Welcome to DIY Beverages!

You Design It, We Make It
1000+ Flavor Combinations

Fully Customizable

Design and formulate your own custom drink with no experience needed, in just minutes. Customizable ingredient options for each beverage. You choose your bottle or can size, flavor, sweetener, color, add nutrients, and customize your label. Your drink will be formulated based on your choices, batched, packaged, and shipped to your door anywhere in the U.S.A.

A personalized touch for weddings, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sports teams, tournaments, milestones, fundraisers, birthdays, promotions, branded advertising, trade show giveaways, and more...

Kid holding custom Halloween craft soda beverage.
Customized flavored seltzer milestone birthday party favors.
Flavor formulation and mixing of ingredients is part of the DIY Beverages custom drinks.

We formulate your beverage

based on your choice of flavor, sweetener, & ingredients.

What our customers are saying...


"My sister loved this beautiful and unique baby shower gift. Everyone loved the ultrasound image on the can!"

Mother-to-be, baby shower peach seltzer custom drink.
Kristin | Flavored Seltzer

Corona, CA


“I love them so much!  I’m so stoked to drink my own DIY beverage.”

Energy drink female face on can, college-aged student own drink.
Jessyca | Energy Drink

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


"Making our own custom beverages was fun and easy. It's pretty cool having your face on a beverage."

Specialized seltzer beverages for retired couple, faces on cans, personalized beverage.
Robyn | Sparkling Enhanced WTR

Norco, CA


"The quality of the sticker labels were so good! We have done this for years and these were by far the best and the process of making them custom was so easy."

Fully custom designed labels on BOPP material; designed and printed in house.
Megin | Custom Labels

Corona, CA


"These were soooo good. Perfect for my son's birthday party. Thanks again!!"

Birthday party custom strawberry soda for Wizard of Oz theme.
Laura | Craft Soda

Ontario, CA


“It was SO beautiful, but also SO DELICIOUS.  Best sparkling water I’ve ever had!"

40th birthday party seltzer, custom ingredients and DIY floral label to match theme.
Kathy | Flavored Seltzer

Lake Matthews, CA


“Unique, cute, and delicious. Thank you!"

Baby shower specialized lemonade for mom-to-be and guests.
Ronak | Lemonade

Corona, CA


"Designed a lemonade to promote my business. It's been great and tastes awesome."

Business giveaways stevia custom lemonade with custom business label.
Bryan | Lemonade

Corona, CA


"Thank you for the sweet stickers. I can't wait for more."

Small bread making business stickers for brand awareness and giveaways.
The Fermented Mama | Custom Stickers

Corona, CA

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Family owned and operated, made in the USA, California local and handmade.
No artificial flavors used in our beverages.
We follow good manufacturing practices and make a quality product.
We are a gluten free beverage manufacturing facility.